How could I forget this superstar making her round around our solar system???? I got a taste of sues style via myspace of all places….. raggamuffin peep the track….. I sent her a text and called her a throwback…. Hopefully she won’t unfriend me for lack of better words.


you know when you meet somebody and you get that feeling like you met them before? Ghost Six Senses yeah kind of like that…. So I did my research on this kid, and… like I thought, that kindred spirit…. Peep her webpage and watch her vid…. You can feel her like yeah, she’s seen some things, but found that true calling within and got some folks that believe in her, to help keep it push’n and just express yourself showcase your talents…. And the rest will fall into place. Myspace has her on the one to watch list, I got her on my top 5 hot clip list… Now if I can just get her to text me back…….
Check this out! I’m watching Princess Of China by Coldplay on VEVO HD for iPad.

20120627-182824.jpgFROM THE CONCRETE…… A ROSE


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