Hump Day.

What’s going on???? Kind of feeling like a bat out of hell this morning, but feeling good about this micro-texting….. But I can’t really call it micro- texting because texting compared to blogging is micro. Or maybe mobile blogging???? That sounds different mobile blogging. Yeah….. Mobile blogging meaning inserting more content/media into a SMS. But if you guys come up with a better name, or explanation leave a comment.

Ayyy before I go, the good folks at Robbs got at me with what I call the G-shock.Mercedes-Benz Reveals the 2013 G-Class: G550 and G63 AMG | Robb Report now I’m a jeep fan, I go back to the Suzuki samurai but when Benz hit the streets with a jeep the SUV was considered a truck. So I was like yeah…. But too boxy….. And still too boxy, but! The guts! The guts! Looks like your in a 5 star hotel/yacht….. And as the say…. It’s what’s on the inside that counts……. Yeah RightCheck this out! I’m watching Otis by Jay-Z & Kanye West on VEVO HD



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