can you dig it??????

What a drag, Israeli team grows “highless” marijuana

Now I thought I was the only person who felt that weed, and its side effects was just not for me, I mean weed, just takes away all my coolness……. leave a brother feeling like a vegetable, just attacks my nervous system, like a spreading rash, so Im like yeah, its cool, but its not my choice of upliftment so to say…… Now I remember the time I first heard about none alcohol beer, and I was like why???? who drinks beer to not get a buzz???? turns out there are folk who do……. So now they’ve taken the choke out of smoke, the high out of being fly! and got it straight to the point. Is this the legal marijuana the good folks have been searching for?
YO! DUN DUN tell snake to check…….see if they can get him a shipment from the HOLY LAND! fedx might opt out,,,,,, but beats by the pound UPS ground freight might be down to bless the west with some holiness I’m watching Lemme See by Usher on VEVO HD for iPad.



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