what is it?

Now that I got your attention….. And the whole world is watching. Let me leak what VP is about, which I guess should be in the about section, but who really reads what your site is about, Well I do sometimes, but this isn’t about me….. It’s about you. we go over this IP copyright thing every-time Obama trys to get something through the house.
So why VP and what is it? Well let me tell you what it’s not. It’s not a “blog”…. it’s not a gossip site….. It’s not a digital newspaper or a e-zine, it’s not a online magazine…. It’s not a storefront….. It’s not a school, it’s not a thing to help pick up chicks or rate them……. It’s not a launch pad into late-night TV or a audition…. not a platform for showcasing a talent to rally crowds into a frenzy. Bottom line, VP is not seeking that type of attention.
So what is it? Well that’s the wrong question…… What is VP doing is more like it. What VP is doing or it’s function is to find solutions to a few problems we all experience online. and when I say “we” I mean…. the little things I find nagging when I’m communicating with the people I know, so the whole concept came out of necessity…… and it has a few components to it, this is just one of them. now disruptive is becoming a cliche,,, so im not going to entertain that, but thats what it could do and is doing, but thats not by design. Now I can’t go into the whole ball of wax, why, privacy…..and it ain’t hard to tell…… So why do it? well why not? but although its not by design…… it is about Design, composing a better looking text message, designing a better looking post, designing a better looking tweet etc. VP is not using this space to express an idea in a blog so to say but, it’s more about design……. And seamlessly cross promoting and advertising when your communicating “texting” with people you know. Now I’ve seen lots of ads, lots of attempts at this and they don’t come close to what I’m talking about or trying to do, why, because their not thinking about designing a text or a tweet. but VP Is. Most ad agencies want to insert, add or place, So the thinking different……. VP knows even though you might not be tweeting, texting or sharing the next big idea for a novel or movie, or gossip, but that little convo you do have can get more colorful….. but we don’t think about designing when were sharing or updating our status…. and why would you? but what if you wanted to? it should be easy to do so…..

ooooh look at this…… I’m just say’n
YouTube Launches ‘Marketplace’ to Connect YouTube Stars and Brands | Digital – Advertising Age


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