Before the web

Supreme Court turns away media companies’ appeal – USATODAY.com20120704-230851.jpg

So what happens when you can’t bridge that gap? With so much working against you, and so many out there trying to be you, or do what you do, or who claim to do you better than you do….. What do you do? One things for sure…… We are most def, hooked on tarring things down, to make sure they never come up. So what’s your foundation? My text messages don’t lie. Some say they don’t say enough, but they are built on a primus…… On a foundation. The bridge might not be open, but the columns have connection


Get Technology ~~~~~~> out of the way sounds good, but technology is driven by humans…..
and we are addicted to Tech……………………. If I cant go, the imagination will still flow
No Church In The Wild – Jay-Z & Kanye West – VEVO


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