I said VP!

Tips on How to Make a Thirst-Quenching Gin and Tonic | Robb Report Take Notes!20120704-214624.jpg Big ideas come from the unlikely people and places……… I knew VP would be a success, why? Well if Big Gov wants the technology you’ll want it too. And What happened to the garage band mentality? What happened to the next big Co. To take on the bigs mentality? When did we get afraid of innovation? Check out Kanye West’s New ‘25′ Video (NSFW) and ‘New God Flow’ Track << What's Hot


Why Stop Now (Explicit) by Busta Rhymes on VEVO HD
The world hasn’t gone to the Dogz…….. No the world has gone ka-putz! poof! back in the day when you wanted to get your idea or product to market, you made it happen……. now Don’t Fight City Hall, Code for It! | Video | Reuters.com what the hell does government know about innovation? their still living in the same house, that was built over 200 years ago! and their offices? 400 years old nothing new! nothing! poof! forget about it.


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