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If we were being true to the game, which we are not, all which is free, should have cleared the way for all to make money, or should I say monetise the content on the web. Throwing out Acta will not bring a free internet, but cultural disaster | Ewan Morrison | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk Instead we’ve turned the web inside out, into a police state. Check this out! I’m watching Pop That (Explicit Version) by French Montana on VEVO HD for iPad. 20120704-213619.jpg Now don’t get me wrong…… some are making huge sums of money, creating jobs yada yada yada, but like slave labor, being paid slave wages, only thing we’ve done, without oversight from big gov, is replicate what big gov is known to do. censor, block, debate and complicate spreading the wealth.
PDF12 | Yochai Benkler | SOPA/PIPA: A Case Study in Networked Discourse and Activism

No Bull – Chris Brown ~~~~> VEVO


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