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Shot Caller (Remix) – French Montana – VEVO
Lux text! Lux tax…… Lux content, Lux posts, this will most likely hit a cord with somebody, which in turn will get somebody's wheels turning, and most likely will get another's gears turning, which will lead to a bright idea, in turn will lead to a brilliantly well thought out 4 page letter, to someone in the right place at the right time to come up with a simple solution to solve everything. Why I Like People with Unconventional Resumés – Claudio Fernández-Aráoz – Harvard Business Review Below I made a reference to the web being like music publishing/Wall street and Tin Pan Alley…… But it is more like the music business, being ran like wall street…. content being treated/traded like a commodity as was sheet music then and publishing today. I’ve recently came to the conclusion that music shouldn’t be considered art, but more like a weapon of sound, and once formed into a composition, is a majestical piece of power from the Gods. Its like we’ve found a way to sell air, as we did water.


‘The Dark Knight Rises’ | Commentary and analysis from Simon Dumenco – Advertising Age As im texting this, I’ve heard it all about how the fabric of america online is being ruined by the lack of oversight on IP and or copyright infringement. The bottom line is the same stale views you have offline, your bringing them online, and its the rules of engagement thats turning the tide for the worst, when it comes to how we use technology. Now I’ve brought you the correlation between wall street and tin pan alley. I mean the music publishing game. And im telling you again. the world wide web, Is another branch of that mentality. Like the music biz, Wall Street, Publishing, the internet is no different. But what is different you can easily set up shop. but the same rules or lack of apply. Bottom-line, be it your publishing or your content, its still almost impossible for everyone to make money off their works. Or is it?
Yoga Journal – Yoga Philosophy – Fresh Ideas
Build it and they will come. And they most likely come with lawyers, as we seen with Napster. I told you that then, as well as today, you’ve brought this new generation up to look at money as a fowl dirty word associated with corruption. So its only right, that you would allow them to crack codes, play on the internet, build things as long as they are not selling anything that doesn’t belong to them. but hey ill just share it with my friends, and they can get it off my hard drive for free, I already created it, or paid for it, your cool I wouldn’t charge you for it, as a matter of fact ill make it easy for you to get it. ok cool. Now here I come along and say, well if your giving that away for free or sharing it, can I try to make a profit, and I will give you a cut, if I can make some money? and then you get the dial tone……..
20120704-220338.jpg Creativity 50 2012: OK Go | Special Report: Creativity 50 – Advertising Age


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