circling the chuck wagon…….

Check this out! I’m watching Let It Go (Remix) (Explicit) by Red Café on VEVO HD for iPad.


bucking the trend….. Disruptive…… Against the grain…… Trendsetter, all these phrases used to stand for something big on the horizon, or a paradigm shift. Now not so much, why? Well we are comfortable with things the way they are. The Innovation Files » Decoding the “Declaration of Internet Freedom” So don’t be disruptive! Refrigerated Cabinets for the Bathroom | Robb Report So what happens when you’ve created yet another platform where the distribution of wealth, creativity and innovation is herded into another corner of America that’s so close but yet so far, that it looks like an oasis of all oasis?. Now~~~~> I’m watching Hurt Somebody (Explicit) by Akon on VEVO HD for iPad.


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