I will….. I mean I do!

Strapped for Time? ~~~~~~~>


women find social media makes them more social offline, too I’ll believe it when it materializes. Being social offline should mean you communicate with folks who are not in your network. That’s the point of networking, but once again the word “network” is cliched up. “Social” too. Credit Suisse: Metamorphosis – Video – Creativity Online I guess the laws of attraction are stronger than we care to admit. But by now we should be able to tell the difference between making a pass, from Oh by the way you look nice, but I was wondering if you could give me your opinion on whats what? and with that twinkle in her eye, and a pause of, is this a pick up line or lets make a deal? But……. true networking and not on a date site, should have paved and cleared the way of all awkwardness, leaving room to build or elaborate on the task/project at hand, should. But when you see that person in person, things do tend to change, especially if your made to feel like a business mixer is a speed date, and sometimes it could be both. Pitch a Movie | Submit a Short Film | Web Series and more | Greenlightmymovie Life on the fly. Check this out! I’m watching Where Have You Been by Rihanna on VEVO HD for iPad. lets face it, the internet can make you some sort of celebrity. How Effective Leaders Talk (and Listen) – HBR IdeaCast – Harvard Business Review why do I feel rushed?


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