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Vevo founder talks tough in bid for better deal with Google –


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Well, by now you should be wondering…… again, well what Is this VP2, what do we make of it? how do we quantify it? where do we categorize it? still left with questions. Well like most folk who have an idea, limited to no funds to explore and exploit their next big thing Your project tends to look like an artist from the 80`s, asking A&R reps to listen to their demo. With that said, it shouldn’t look like much, it shouldn’t look like whats already happening, but it tends to look like everything thats happening or not, I use that loosely. but you have some sort of frame work. but with that comes a lot of yada yada…… basically trying to keep fans or foes minds open long enough to hear you out. So the majority of your time is explaining over and over and over, what it is your trying to do, and still explaining why, your idea should exist. Check this out! I’m watching Fast Lane by Bad Meets Evil on VEVO HD for iPad.


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