Its Morning in China

Hello Brooooklyn~~~~~~~> (And The Winner Is)… by Jay-Z on VEVO HD for iPad.


Its kind of what where looking at……….. its kind of how your forced to think, if you want to see ahead of the pack, in some form or fashion. Now thats a metaphor, of how something so strange at first look, with vanished boundaries, makes all the sense in the world. Using SMS thinking, on a blog platform, I should, in theory, should, be able to change a perception of what a short message expanded might look like, maybe I should call it short message expanded? SME, hmmm…… my string theory suggests, I should be able to shrink the message “SMS” “SME” on this end, on a large platform, and the message expands on the other side…….you with me? Wide Awake – Katy Perry – VEVO20120712-223934.jpg

Now this also could be seen as the grass is greener on the other side, but everything depends on perception…….. How you view something means everything. So first check your wiring harness.
because you’ll need a whole lot of insight, then check your depth of perception, if your shallow or in a shallow state of mind, nothing beyond your current state will make any sense to you, and you will just continue to reject any type of anything that seems foreign or resembles what your not used to seeing, So you will remain who you are. YOU Check this out! I’m watching VEVO News Interview by Far East Movement on VEVO HD. Now theres much to say about the american olympic teams uniforms, american conceived “designed” In america but manufactured in china, well thats as american as it gets, in this day in time. Now, If you wanted a “fancy” american design I thing they would have went with a very expensive italian stitch. But other than the obvious, once again whats wrong with that picture? is it the people or the system? well again Its how you perceive it and its your wiring harness…… you know very well, that the cost to manufacture in america is very expensive. So american made in china….. takes a lot of rebooting to digest. The experts say, if the iphone was manufactured in the states, it would be too expensive for the average american to have one. in turn, would throw us back to the stone age… and leave us in the stone age. why? well only the rich would be connected in style with advance technology. How…… well we’d all be on a 2G network The super rich will have hogged up all the data on their smartphones, which you probably would have just said the hell with it……. im going to stick with a pc, lugging it around all day skyping. ~~~~~~~~>SMS<~~~~~~~~~

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