Along came polly


Myth of ‘The Jukes’ offers cautionary genetics tale – With the quest ever so strong to purify or purge the system of all that doesn’t fit or equate into a norm…… We forget…… all that doesn’t make sense now one day will. But what if we just blew a planet out of the universe? Or what if we just froze up the malting lava in the center of the earth? would that solve the problems of volcanic eruptions and global warming? might or might not, lots of what ifs. Now my interpretation of string theory is one idea spawning many…… So im finding myself, defending one theory, well two theories………one, we’re claiming we want change and two, are we changing things to keep them the same? It seems, the more ideas we have, the more we innovate……. The more we innovate/create, the more resistance you encounter. But at this point/time in life, why do we still shun “change” and what is change? If blackberry/research in motion gets their act together and becomes a major player in the game again…. what might they change? and not just within the Co. but with consumers…… what is change? Or would they have to replicate what, say apple and others have done, and are doing, to grab attention and market share to introduce change? So what is change? is it possible there is a “New” phone out there? Or new concept/smartphone? The phone is already what it is…… a devise with a speaker and a earpiece sending and receiving sound…..Telephony. Apple put music on a phone, then video, built a ecosystem, then closed it off, from free…….Now here comes the rest of the world who wants to build a ecosystem add content and close it off from “free” thinking. So what is change? Question is, is fixing people fixing the problem? Or is fixing a broken ecosystem a better solution……………….. Addiction by Ryan Leslie on VEVO HD for iPad.


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