Control the message, Don’t shoot the messenger

The Recipe (Live at Coachella, 2012) – Kendrick Lamar – VEVO
Once again……”SME” thinking, blog platform, In theory, should change perceptions……..String theory, Shrink message…….large platform, The message…. the thinking is different.


My God, the mind talks too? Whoa! what a powerful tool, did I just bring that post in from the other side? I’m watching Lights by Interpol on VEVO HD 20120715-121614.jpg

So how could I create a platform without advertising? how could I seamlessly blend 24hrs into 1 hour for a day using time/space? if that makes any sense, what am I doing? what am I thinking about? what am I say’n? is it supposed to make sense now? Well one things for sure the wheels are spinning and I cant get in what im trying to get out………. what a P.O.S. Murdered Love – P.O.D. – VEVO

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>Why That New Innovation Effort May Not Be Worth It <~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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