Fashionably Late

Reuters TV | Obama fears cyber attacks could come back to haunt U.S. – Fast Forward well now that there is a trace on a highly sophisticated somewhat hap hazard mission, now what? If stopping a whole nation from advancing in tech wasn’t enough, now there trying to stop me! urrrrg! But it has to be a way to prove I was acting on behalf of a nation, and not in self interest…….. How did that leak out? Who can I trust now? Im wanted by every government on the planet and my own has been compromised by greed and self interest the very thing we were fighting against, hell, I know their pockets are well lined with Ben Frankz, bastards hung me out to dry…………. Gotham City – R. Kelly – VEVO

20120716-171410.jpg Confronting the Pain of Innovation Now that the mere word itself “innovate” is officially being confiscated from the vocabulary of the real world, rendering it a worthless term. meaning you’ve had it long enough time to take it back, proves that teaching/sharing is a privilege for the fortunate ones. but something is turning the tables on them too……. The will to survive ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>From Inmates to Entrepreneurs: The San Quentin Startup Accelerator urrrg! My colleagues will surely disown me now, the choices i`ve been making in the past 5 years have been highly questionable, now this! my gosh man, get it together whats it worth? they’ll think I’ve gone mad for sure. Well my God let mad set me free……..Fall Fashion Amangiri | RobbReport.TV


Escape! ~~~~> Becker Cadillac Escalade ESV Specialty Vehicle


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