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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>How to fix the broken internet economy<~~~~~~~~~~~~ and the silver bullet appears out of nowhere….booyah!

20120715-135106.jpg T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever) by will.i.am on VEVO HD

Seems to be the call right about now, everybody’s looking for a silver bullet to kill off…………????? well wait what is all the fuss about? is it copyrights? IP or who’s actually in control over all content on the web? one things for sure, this battle will get old fast, unless we change how we share and implement ideas with one another, doesn’t matter if your wearing baggy jeans or a armani suit, call it want you want, if your not getting your fare share, to you theft is theft……. So Im guessing folk think the debate is over who should be in titled to do what with content and if there should be a price put on its head, and sold, hedged, and advertised against, to make a profit, well your right. Reuters TV | The biggest misconception about shareholder value – Fast Forward But how long will that last? how many gimmicks of deception can you continue to roll (and people fall for) out across the internet claiming all this scuff~~~~~~~> is about innovation/IP/copyrights, and a better way to be social? It keeps folks from taking or staking a claim in the webs pot of gold……. Now no need to go on and on, about what the web was intended to do, I think we’ve seen the potential. But whats interesting, is how the internet redirected the entrepreneur, turning him into a pirate. Now offline you were considered a bootlegger, now you’ve graduated to pirate, bootlegging content over the internet what happened? now if you get the definition of copy and pirate, and what they mean to the internet, well the internet is not the problem. It provided a service, making things easy to get to or share, once you log in upload, and start doing whatever it is you do, the internet has done its job……..The problem is monetizing, and who is monetizing whats on the web and how. I guarantee that conversation with apple founder steve jobs and the major labels went something like this….. who do you trust with that precious catalog? your catalog, the catalog I love, you love, the world loves???? listen, why leave it to some punk kids to share for free? hell you guys are already selling 99cent tracks, they’re ruining that, by giving it away free….. Now listen, I got the ipod, next get this…. are you ready for it???? ITUNES… whoooooooooa, yeah Itunes maaaaan, we will sell this stuff for you guys, and make money…… Napster? are you kidding me? their kids playing on mommy and daddies Pc, coding……. They don’t know the business of making money, and how to go about doing so. and with one swoop! that was the start of your ending. Direct-Tv ~~~~~~~~~>Reclaim your Tv If! If! If! somebody would have stopped and charged maybe 50 bucks for that copy of illustrator that cost what $900, If they would have turned those free sites into the first Itunes and made millions, went to adobe and the major labels and showed some kind of model, something, saying these kids will pay for this access, yada yada yada…….. anything, showing the willingness to make money………. charge by the hour anything….but the youngsters dropped the ball. and If you read the link up top, the sharks went in for the kill………. Now with all that said. and finally I can rest my case on that issue…… you should be able to work out deals with those who your service is being targeted to, the manufactures, creators whoever, you need that flexibility to change with the changing times of the web, without that, thats whats stifling innovation online, everybody has to wait and see, what the masses will green light, who will back you, who will side with you…… damn what the creator/content holder says, hell, If I went directly to them and asked could I use their works, theyd tell me no…. again, waiting to see who is the flavor of the month. doesn’t matter if your sitting on the next breakthrough idea………….

Reuters TV | Immerse yourself in new viewing experience – Tech Tonic

I love that now one of my favorite lines of all time, from the social network where Zuck told the Dinkle Dung twins, that “if you would’ve thought up Facebook you would have created Facebook”

Embraer Phenom 100 Business Aircraft Best of the Best 2012 | RobbReport.TV


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