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Sound + City: San Francisco – VEVO – VEVO


Now you can dance around the belief of reincarnation all you like, but while your in the skin your in…….. make a dash for it! whatever It is. Im already on to the next mission, If your reading this, you’ve been extended~~~~~> Login to Creativity Online

Im at my next location, destination classified, but Im sure you’ll find your way around town just fine, Ive left you in good hands. Sound + City: Brooklyn – VEVO – VEVO So far you’ve used your own better judgment, to determine whats what. And your out making a way for your creativity to take hold on all who behold, an inquisitive mind. Remember all you have encountered…………. ‘Emotional’ android shows new face of robotics | Video | In cyberspace……… Remember what the internet was intended to do, connect everything and everybody, not a selected few and a governing body. Now WWW has come under a massive amount of heat in the past 10 years, but thats do to how we’ve used it, and as we see, the web doesn’t get abused, in turn it abuses US……… The People. When “Creative Destruction” Destroys More than It Creates This post was written Before the tragedy. Let us learn from our wrong doings and not replicate creative destruction, learn from it. We`re undergoing a huge transformation…….. buckle up and Settle Down – No Doubt – VEVO



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