Mi9, have you gone mad?

Dirt All By My Lonely – Naughty By Nature – VEVO

One would figure….. The powers that be, Or competitors loaded with envy, with plans to champion off the pickings of your discoveries, to scramble with well thought out frantic ploys of discredit, scandal and flat out fairytales of why they can play peter pan in cyberspace and make it real enough to call themselves genius…….. well, you figured right, welcome to the real cold war. Sound + City: Atlanta – VEVO – VEVO


RobbReport.TV~~~~~~~> Corneliani ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> &

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>E.T. by Katy Perry on VEVO HD <~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As you can see the art of storytelling in the form of SME, Texting on a blog platform with information/intel/current events can be done like a person with a creative sense of how the world looks to him………..share that. That small piece of something can mean so much more on the other side. my string theory. but what is the other side? good question and simply put, Another Perception. Now why……… would I want to tell the news when your doing such a great job at it? working together doesn't always mean, having idle chit chat by the water cooler for 5 minuets then scurrying back to our corners of the office, working together doesn't call for any type of traditional anything in this day and time. Its what you harness………… Adidas: Do What Light Does – Video – Creativity Online


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