tunnel vision through the wormhole

20120719-124327.jpg Feelin’ Single – R. Kelly – VEVO Scientist and others are trying to determine if humans are existing in two places at the same time. I believe we do, but its how you look at it. speaking of looking at it, they say if observed a atom can be seen as one, but if the atom is not watched, it will split in two. Kind of how I feel when im thinking about being somewhere I need to or want to be. physically im where im at, destination unkown. but the minute I loose myself im in another location….Im telling folk time and time again, you have a biological clock, not the one women experience when they think they should be having kids……. The one you feel, when you’ve outgrown a particular time and space. Like maaaaan, I just got to be somewhere, I gotta go. Everest~~~~~~~~~~~~> Let Go Now back on earth, what does that mean?. well heres a passage that should move you to realign your wiring harness 5 reasons your digital startup will fail (single page view) – iMediaConnection.com You’d have to read the passage, no guarantee it will mean anything to you, maybe it will maybe it wont, but in short, what you say and do on one end will determine a different outcome on the other, but thats because your not working in oneness…… and thats hard to do, theres too many uncontrolled variable and with technology things change fast, and you have to adjust to it, but you can flow with it instead of against it, if your timezones fall inline……… More People Use MySpace Than Twitter & Other Social Media Surprises [INFOGRAPHIC] – hypebot

20120719-124416.jpg YO! ~~~~~>I’m watching Judgement Day by Method Man on VEVO HD


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